First Hand Home Visitor

Adjusting to a newborn baby is an exciting yet very challenging time for families. Many parents and caregivers live far from their extended families and/or have a strained relationship with their extended families. In addition, hormone changes and/or previous trauma may contribute to Post-Partum depression that will impede their ability to parent the newborn baby. The adjustment to sleep disruption due to the need to care for a newborn baby can be very exhausting physically and emotionally. At times, these stresses lead parents and caregivers to shake the baby or co-sleep with the baby which may injure or kill the baby. Siblings of newborn babies naturally become jealous as the attention they receive is decreasing. The siblings may hurt the baby as a result. Prevention is the best solution. This is the reason that we are creating a new volunteer program called First
Hand. First Hand is a new program of Healthy Start, Healthy Future, a national non-profit charitable organization operating for 10 years facilitating Life With A Baby, peer support between parents of newborns.
Volunteers are caring members of the community who want to help families in their community to adjust to life with a newborn.The Coordinator ensures each volunteer is carefully screened and trained. A Volunteer Visitor is assigned and visits each week to provide emotional support to the parent, as well as practical assistance with the newborn(s) and its siblings, in the presence of the parent. This service