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  • Event Date

    February 22, 2019
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About the Program

The Give Back Awards are an annual cash prize donated by Magna International Inc. and Neighbourhood Network to graduating students from high schools in Aurora, Georgina, King Township, and Newmarket. The outstanding recipients of the Give Back Awards are selected based on the exceptional contributions they have made to fellow students and citizens, and their ongoing dedication to community involvement!

Step 1

Determine Your Eligibility

Check to see if you qualify to apply for the 2019 Give Back Awards!

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Step 2

Download the Application

Tell us about yourself! Download the application form or apply online by clicking the links at the top or bottom of this page.

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Step 3

Sponsor Endorsement

Choose a sponsor to endorse your volunteer work and have them fill out this sponsor endorsement form. Note: If you submit your application online, this form will be emailed to you for you to give to your sponsor.

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Give Back Awards Video

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Give Back Awards Recipients

The following students are the exceptional recipients of the Give Back Awards! Click on each winner's photo to read his or her story.

2018 Recipients
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Photography by: Greg King Photography

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Short Answer Questionnaire

Question 1 Ac primis commodo aliquam placerat lacinia, magna cubilia nisl mollis tincidunt, eleifend dictum interdum ornare.
Question 2 Interdum tempus inceptos vestibulum commodo dui fringilla at venenatis, iaculis nullam lectus curabitur elit vestibulum.
Question 3 Sit aptent phasellus etiam quisque a, integer pellentesque per nec cursus, tempus elit aliquam elit.

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